Geoff Rogers

Interested in music and radio from a very young age I started my very first pirate station at the age of 12 – broadcasting to 100 metres around my house
Trained in electronics and computing, my first love was always radio and since the 1980s I’ve presented and helped manage loads of stations, some legal, some pirates, some on AM and FM and some online.
Radio Jackie in the 1980s was very exciting as was getting back into it in the 2000s.
Managing a small community radio station in Surrey since 2012 (Susy Radio) has allowed me to realise most of my broadcasting ambitions and 121 Radio was a challenging project brought to fruition in a record short time, thanks to the many excellent people I have worked with.
On 121 Radio I present the Wednesday 2-4pm show as well as managing the playout system, scheduling of music and training. You can expect to hear artists such as Meatloaf, Eagles, Bryan Adams, Abba, Heart, Stranglers, Blondie, The Beatles. Sex Pistols, Blossoms, Hendrix and much more.  I have a very wide taste in music.  Possibly the odd Sabre Dance too!
Away from radio I’m married, have a grown up son and am passionate about Europe.  Thoroughly hate brexit, I’m often labelled as a leftie remoaning snowflake.  That’s fine, I take it as a compliment.